2016-05-28 CAC Bermatingen, Germany

Judge: Marliese Müller (Switzerland)

Results by www.dwzrv.de

Entries: 5 / 8

Males Baby Class

1 Very Promissing 
Blistai Sokolow

Males Open Class

1 Excellent VDH CAC BR BOB Landessieger BW 2016 
Stepun's Elekin

2 Excellent RVDH RCAC 
Poraschai Sokolow

3 Very Good 

Males Veteran Class

1  VetVDH VetCAC VetBOB LS Veteran BW 2016 
Hunter Stepowy Goniec

Females Baby Class

1 Very Promissing BabyBOB BabyBIS 
Bylinka Sokolow

Females Junior Class

1 Excellent JgdVDH JgdCAC JgdBOB LJS BW 2016 
Kataboliw Clementine

Females Intermediair Class

1 Excellent VDH 
Rasswet's Feingold

Females Open Class

1 Excellent VDH CAC 
Battle Royal Spirit of the Tsar

2 Excellent RVDH RCAC 
Lebediska Sokolow

Females Working Class

1 Excellent VDH 
Romashka's Eowyn by Zoiboyz

Females Champion Class

1 Excellent VDH BH Landessieger BW 2016 
Barinya Spirit of the Tsar

2 Excellent RVDH 
Rhapsody in Silver Sokolow

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