2019-11-15 CAC Nordic Dogshow Lillestrøm-Fredag, Norway

Norsk Kennel Klub

Judge: André van den Broek (Netherlands)

Results by https://www.dogweb.no/

Entries: 10 / 12

Males Junior Class

1 Excellent 
M-Ligans Witch Hunter

2 Excellent 
Built For Speed's Cyclone

Males Intermediair Class

1 Excellent CK CERT BH-4 
Kazar Yaztrakan

Males Open Class

1 Excellent 

2 Very Good 
Tarasov''s Midnight Cowboy

Males Champion Class

1 Excellent CK BH-1 Nordic CERT BIM 
Lynx Seri Savitskij

2 Excellent CK BH-2 Res. Nordic CERT 
Kazar Wafai

3 Excellent CK BH-3 
Scheztaya The Swing Of Things

4 Excellent CK R.CERT 
Borscana Fighting Falcon

Steppdance Mullroy

Zobbraz Pantheon

Males Veteran Class

1 Excellent CK 
Tzartaig Cool Victory

Females Junior Class

1 Excellent CK BT-4 
Scheztaya Maid Of Bond Street

2 Excellent CK 
Iorek's A-Yo

3 Excellent 
Built For Speeds Javelin

Staczek's Fifty Feet Queenie

Females Open Class

1 Excellent CK CERT BT-2 Res. Nordic CERT 
Jelistaz Yasmine

2 Excellent CK 
Lynx Black Velvet

Females Champion Class

1 Excellent CK BT-1 Nordic CERT BIR 
Jelistaz Yummie

2 Excellent CK BT-3 R.CERT 
Flaming Fun Royal Lily

3 Excellent CK 
Russkiy Azart Jasmine Atlanta Nemis

4 Excellent CK 
Scheztaya You Are The One

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