2019-02-01 CACIB Eindhoven, Netherlands

Judge: Jan Coppens (Netherlands)

Results by A. Rogiers

Solovyev Datoeda of Bistrumodny BOB & Kataboliw Henrik BOS
Copyright: J. Peeters

Entries: 6 / 6

Males Junior Class

1 Excellent JCAC CAC BOS 
Kataboliw Henrik

Males Intermediair Class

1 Very Good 
Cavallierik Compliment Of Me

Males Open Class

1 Excellent RCACIB 
Dvorets-Borzogo Druzhko

Males Champion Class

1 Excellent RCAC CACIB 
Nasya of Russian Dreams

2 Excellent 
Cherkay of the Wicklow Hunters

3 Very Good 
Aston-Martin Karmazynowy Galop

Females Junior Class

1 Excellent JCAC 
Scharkow's Eljana

Females Intermediair Class

1 Excellent RCAC RCACIB 
Fonezel Filissa Suprim

Females Open Class

1 Very Good 
Dvorets-Borzogo Cyzarina

2 Very Good 
Olivia van de Marloe

Pagranitsjniki Darushka

Females Champion Class

1 Excellent CAC CACIB BOB 
Solovyev Datoeda of Bistrumodny

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