2019-08-10 CAC Freiburg, Germany

Judge: Christine Rossier (Switzerland)

Results by windhundverband.de

Entries: 6 / 11

Males Junior Class

1 Excellent JgdVDH JgdCAC JgdBOB 
Northern Dancer Sokolow

Males Intermediair Class

1 Excellent VDH CAC BR BOB 
Russkiy Azart Liberal Hidalgo Siberian Impact

Males Open Class

1 Excellent VDH RCAC 
Ischyma Dorian Gray

2 Excellent RVDH 
Fonezel Fortovyi

3 Excellent 
Ischyma Darius

Males Champion Class

1 Excellent VDH 
Blistai Sokolow

Females Junior Class

1 Excellent JgdVDH JgdCAC 
Kuskaya`s Oraya

2 Excellent JgdResVDH JgdResCAC 
Lunnaja Raduga Zariza

Females Intermediair Class

1 Excellent VDH 
Russkaya Zabawa Fedora

2 Excellent RVDH 
Eljeska's Ambra

3 Excellent 
Russkaya Zabawa Faina-Ferrari

Females Open Class

1 Excellent VDH CAC 
Bylinka Sokolow

2 Excellent RVDH 
Russkaya Zabawa Estrada

Females Working Class

1 Excellent VDH RCAC 
Kuskaya's Lady of Killimor

Females Champion Class

1 Excellent VDH 
Augenweide zu Elben Äiken

Females Veteran Class

1 Excellent VetVDH VetCAC BH VetBOB BOS 
Pursuit Of Love Sokolow

2 Excellent VetResVDH VetResCAC 
Haryna Wolfskaïa

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