Calina of the Wicklow Hunters


22/12/2018ChampionCACIB Venray (Netherlands) Christmas Show 20181 Excellent CAC CACIB BOB Hetty van der Lee-Grevelt (Netherlands)
16/12/2018ChampionCACIB Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam Winner 20184 Excellent Mark Cocozza (United Kingdom)
18/11/2018OpenCACIB Dortmund (Germany) VDH-Bundessieger 20182 Excellent RVDH Cathy Delmar (Ireland)
16/11/2018OpenCACIB Dortmund (Germany) 1 Excellent VDH RCAC Sean Delmar (Ireland)
04/11/2018OpenCACIB Bleiswijk (Netherlands) 1 Excellent RCAC RCACIB Una Rigney (Ireland)
03/11/2018OpenCACIB Bleiswijk (Netherlands) 1 Excellent CAC CACIB BOB Marie Gadolin (Sweden)
29/09/2018OpenCAC Gelsenkirchen (Germany) 2 Excellent ResVDH ResCA Willem Buitenkamp (Netherlands)
23/09/2018OpenCAC Noorderwijk (Belgium) Belgian Borzoi Special1 Excellent CAC BOS Lyn Hewson (United Kingdom)
09/09/2018OpenCACIB Rotterdam (Netherlands) 1 Excellent CAC CACIB BOS Tatjana Urek (Slovenia)
08/09/2018OpenCAC Köln (Germany) Landessieger-Ausstellung Rheinland 20181 Excellent VDH CAC BH BOB LS Rheinland 2018 Marie Gadolin (Sweden)
26/08/2018OpenCACIB Mechelen (Belgium) 1 Excellent CAC CACIB BOS Audrie Vansteelant-Benoit (Belgium)
11/08/2018OpenCACIB Amsterdam (Netherlands) World Dog Show 2018 Excellent Dr. Tamas Jakkel (Hungary)
09/08/2018OpenCACIB Amsterdam (Netherlands) Benelux Winner Show 2018 Excellent Evgeny Kuplyauskas (Russia)
21/07/2018IntermediairCAC Hünstetten (Germany) German Borzoi Annual Specialty 20181 Excellent VDH RCAC Evelyn Kirsch,Wieslawa Misterka-Kluska (Germany,Poland)
24/06/2018IntermediairCACIB Zwolle (Netherlands) Hanzeshow 20181 Excellent RCAC RCACIB Christophe Coppel (France)
02/06/2018IntermediairCAC Issum (Germany) 1 Excellent VDH Gabriele Schröter (Germany)
19/05/2018IntermediairCAC Gelsenkirchen (Germany) 1 Excellent VDH CAC Beatrix Märki Casanova (Switzerland)
11/05/2018IntermediairCAC Heteren (Netherlands) Dutch Borzoi Club Kampioenschapsclubmatch2 Excellent André van den Broek (Netherlands)
21/04/2018IntermediairCAC Ostercappeln (Germany) 1 Excellent VDH RCAC Börn Fritz (Germany)
14/04/2018IntermediairCACIB Utrecht (Netherlands) 1 Excellent Andreas Schemel (Austria)
31/03/2018IntermediairCACIB Goes (Netherlands) 1 Excellent RCACIB Regina Tromp-Pruijn (Netherlands)
04/03/2018IntermediairCACIB Groningen (Netherlands) Martini Dogshow 20181 Excellent Gerard Jipping (Netherlands)
18/02/2018IntermediairCACIB Gent (Belgium) 1 Excellent Doris Getzinger (Austria)
17/02/2018IntermediairCACIB Gent (Belgium) 1 Excellent Christian Magre (France)
16/12/2017IntermediairCACIB Brussels (Belgium) Brussels Trophy 20171 Excellent CAC CACIB BOS Louis Dehaes (Belgium)
04/11/2017JuniorCACIB Bleiswijk (Netherlands) 1 Excellent JCAC André van den Broek (Netherlands)
14/10/2017JuniorCACIB Dortmund (Germany) 2 Excellent JgdResVDH JgdResCAC Wieslawa Misterka-Kluska (Poland)
13/08/2017JuniorCAC Donaueschingen (Germany) 2 Excellent JgdResVDH JgdResCAC JoAnne Buechler (USA)
12/08/2017JuniorCAC Donaueschingen (Germany) Donaueschingen Winner 20174 Excellent Pamela Marston-Pollock (United Kingdom)
16/07/2017JuniorCAC Windhondenshow (Netherlands) 2 Excellent Börn Fritz (Germany)
20/05/2017JuniorCACIB Dortmund (Germany) Frühjahrssieger-Ausstellung Dortmund 2017 Absent Graham Hill (United Kingdom)
14/04/2017PuppyCAC Hoope (Germany) 1 Very Promissing Timothy Finney (Ireland)
18/03/2017PuppyCACIB Leiden (Netherlands) 1 Very Promissing Jean-Jacques Dupas (France)
03/02/2017PuppyCACIB Eindhoven (Netherlands) 1 Very Promissing Best Puppy András Korózs (Hungary)
09/12/2016BabyCACIB Amsterdam (Netherlands) Holland Cup 20161 Very Promissing Anita Gielisse (Netherlands)

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