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Stud Dogs (USA)

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name sire dam colour birth year photo
Abidjan's Q LadaVaz Ferlinka Steppelands Final Mikhail of AbidjanAbidjan's Passion White and Gold 2005
Adrienne Zooropa High Performance Nonsuch Scarlet TanagerAdrienne Candle In The Wind White and Red 2002
Afanasii Shadows and Moonbeams Gryffyn's Aeyrie RevelationAfanasii Avalon Eroean White and Red Brindle 2010
Agust's Saturn Moon Kenai's AldebaranKenai's Shooting Star Sable and White 2007
Aldemoor's From Russia With Love Imagine Warrior HektorAldemoor's Evanescence Brindled Sable 2011
Aldemoor's Grand Illusion Wyvern Aldemoor the IllusionistAldemoor's Evanescence Black, Tan and White 2014
Allante' Secret Agent Man Kishniga's Special AssignmentKishniga's Casta Diva White and Gold 2009
Amberwind On the Wild Side Amberwind's Fire In The DarkOnish Run's Nata Zephyr's Reach White and Dark Brindle 1996
Amberwind's Fire In The Dark Zephyr's Reach Magic MirthShady Luck's Cascade Blues Dark Brindle 1993
Anotak Luxor Rainmaker Forever MoreMajenkir My Wynter Whimsical White and Light Fawn 2006
Anotak Polar Icecap Majenkir NearcticAnotak Essence Of A Dream White and Gold 2009
Aruzia Moonstone of Rivervue Aruzia Priority OneBorscana Coyote Latrans White and Red 2010
Attaway-Kinobi Fogarty Creek Rajalinjan HalisKinobi Starlet Sable 2009
Avalon Dark Knight Willowind Del Sol Avalon WNS Rising SunAvalon Tigress In The Dark Black Brindle 2012
Avalon Druid Dance Willowind Avalon WNS Rising SunAvalon Tigress In The Dark Red 2012
Avalon Ekarma Howff Carbonel Zharkov Teine JansenAvalon Oxota Cinquedea Red Brindle 2016
Avalon RiverRun Idle Dice RunTuff Avalon Selenium Vger's Atlas @ RyhkaValinor's Circuit de Monaco at RiverRun White and Black 2015
Avalon Victorian Pyre Zharkov Quest For FireAvalon Polychromatic Light Fawn 2005
Avalon Xpedition Avalon Dark Voyager of RyhkaAvalon Radioactive Dreams Black and White 2009
Axiom Krasivi Riurik Majenkir Krasivi VolschebnikLara's Axiom Divine Madness White and Silver 2006
Bee Hunter Matrioshka Lynx Winds from RussiaLynx Scarlet Pimpernel White and Red 2011
Blackmoor Kallisto Blackmoor Dream MachineInsight's Grand Illusion White and Red 1999
Blackmoor Ralph Lauren Blackmoor KallistoTzirina Botanical Garden White and Red 2007
Blackmoor Super Trooper Blackmoor Ralph LaurenBlackmoor Wyndham Aranel 2009
Blistay iz Volnogo Vetra UgryumPetra Letnia Bryza White and Light Fawn 2011
Borzie-Senavian Blistay Borzie-Senavian DanarBorzie-Senavian Zlatoslava Red 2013
Brolin Golightly Flashinredlyte Brolin Sedona Art NouveauGolightly Anika Sanhawke White and Red 2014
Brolin Sedona Art Nouveau Sedona Winter KarmaGolightly Brolin Ooma Franca Black and White 2009
C'Lestial Zn Formula One Of Ryhka AuDruid Bremen's Zinc Of RyhkaC'Lestial Wheel of Fortune Brindle 2010
Carousel's High Five Rising Star ConquistadorCarousel's Shuvee Black, Tan and White 2006
Carousel's Khavalier Carousel's High FiveAbidjan's Pardon My Dust White and Gold 2007
Chase N Dreamz Just In Time Gladkii Vetr N' Vision SnowstagGladkii Veter Tierruca Black and White 2016
Coburn's Gold Strike WindnSatin VersaceCoburn's Jewel v Wind'NSatin Fawn 2012
Dar Morev's Hinterland daVinci Dar Morev's Bronze BohemianDar Morev's Hinterland Xena White and Fawn 2004
Del Sol Joker's Gamble WindSatin Phast on the TakeDel Sol Shadowcat WNS Black, Tan and White 2011
Del Sol Talladega Nights Del Sol SpitzerDel Sol New Mauser WNS Black, Tan and White 2007
Elance Black Swan WindnSatin TY Slezi of VeterElance Mystic Cequilla Black and Tan 2010
Estet Classic Pavel at Chrysalis Donskoi VigowEstet Classic Modistka Black, Tan and White 2015
Far Field Flambeau Katz Golden HazeNonsuch Moulin Rouge v Far Field Red and White 2012
Fartoviy Okhotnik Vasart IrbisStep Kybanskaya Zarkaya Ohota Brindle and White 2015
Firebird Juls Ride the Lightning Teine Twist of FateFirebird Juls High Hopes White and Red Brindle 2008
Folly Quarters Windcatcher Ravenna JaFinn Clouds in WaterFolly Quarters' Zosia White and Sable 2014
Gladkii Veter Molokai Vento Danza AustriGladkii Veter Fool's Errand White and Sable 2011
Gladkii Veter Ravens Wood WindnSatin Fledge V CoburnGladkii Veter N' Vision Alissa Black 2013
Gladkii Vetr N' Vision Snowstag Vento Danza AustriWindnsatin Ty Kaa Blue and White 2007
Golightly By Daylight Kyrov's IntensityGolightly Glacis LeReau White and Gold 2007
Golightly Daedalus Lukas RozaVetrov Tovaritch's EvarestGolightly Valinor's Beau Monde White and Sable 2013
Golightly Day At The Beach Golightly Rosa Vetrov EirwenGolightly's Big Day White and Gold 2015
Golightly Rosa Vetrov Eirwen Borscana Thor ThunderGolightly Valinor's Beau Monde White and Gold 2014