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Stud Dogs (Netherlands)

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This list is sorted by "Land of standing". Make sure to select a primary photo in the details of your dog.

name sire dam colour birth year photo
Alpha Tauri Forget Valley Stravi A Kind of MagicPhaedra Mathilde White and Red 2012
Ambros of the Wicklow Hunters Borzowski's Nice Man JackUljanow Barsois Catjuschka Red Brindle and White 2009
BabaYaga's Psovaya Barich Pyashka's BarinCymabresjeva Oksania Brindle and White 2016
Feodal du Grand Fresnoy Chef-d'Oeuvre du Grand FresnoyAndora du Grand Fresnoy White and Red 2010
Jermolow (dite Jeger) von Ochotnikov Duc Dourakine du Ch√Ęteau de la TaurieBaraba du Bois de la Verdage (dite Barsa) Red 2014
Rasswet's Enigma Lynx Winds from RussiaRasswet's Camee White and Sable 2014