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Stud Dogs (Australia)

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This list is sorted by "Land of standing". Make sure to select a primary photo in the details of your dog.

name sire dam colour birth year photo
Alyosha Alexander Mistraka Sgt PepperMistraka Turandot White and Red Fawn 2011
Alyosha Mr Kite Mistraka Sgt PepperMistraka Ursula Andres White and Red 2013
Alyosha Strawberry Fields Mistraka Sgt PepperMistraka Ursula Andres Sable and White 2013
Argowan Toussaint Argowan MaupassantCordova Troilesha Blue brindle and White 2007
Mistraka Seb Fontaine Mistraka Quinn The EskimoRicanova Rose Royce Red and White 2007
Mistraka Viva Zapata Seabury Star WarsMistraka Passage To India White and Fawn 2011
Mistraka Xavier Mistraka Viva ZapataMistraka Queen Latifah White and Fawn 2012
Russkimir Phantom Shadows Russkimir River RapidsShikata Miss Katinka Fawn Brindle and White 2012
Russkimir River Rapids Zefna AramisRusskimir Rainmist Red Brindle and White 2007
Russkimir River Regent Zefna AramisRusskimir Rainmist Black 2007
Russkimir Vodka Spritzer Vaskes BarguzinRusskimir Frosted Honey Fawn and White 2010