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2016-11-06 CACIB Herning, Denmark

Judge: Juan Alberto Grillo Londono (Colombia)

Results by www.hundeweb.dk

Entries: 7 / 11

Males Junior Class

1 Excellent CK 4.BTK 

Males Open Class

1 Excellent CK 2.BHK CERT R.CACIB 

2 Excellent 
Hapukan Atomic

Males Champion Class

1 Excellent CK 1.BHK CACIB BIM 
Illas La Passione Si Vede

2 Excellent CK 3.BHK 
Lynx Ray Of Shine

3 Excellent CK 4.BHK 
Lynx Seri Sjisjkin

4 Excellent 
Lynx Desert Sand

 Very Good 
CH.Klingsor's Chester

Females Puppy Class

1 Very Promissing BIK 
Scheztaya You Are The One

Females Open Class

1 Excellent CK 
Jarindja's Mackeana Mynta

2 Excellent 
Flaming Fun Royal Lily

Females Champion Class

1 Excellent CK 1.BTK CERT CACIB BIR 
Wieka Tsar Borzois

2 Excellent CK 3.BTK R.CACIB 
Lynx Seraja Morosova

3 Excellent 
Borzowski's Gimlet

4 Excellent 
Lynx Autumn Leaf

Russkiy Azart Jasmine Atalanta Nemiside

Zabava Znaty Dinastiya

Females Veteran Class

1 Excellent CK 2.BTK R.CERT BIK 
Bratislava Le Sphinx du Grand Fresnoy