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Profile for Zolotoy Borzoi : Bertil Pierre VENZO

Name: Bertil Pierre VENZO Added dog entries: 0
Phone 1: +33642436722 ()
Preferred IM:  Berti Pierre VENZO
Biography: After traveling all over the world for many year and working as a professional scuba diver in french Polynesia as well as a scuba diving instructor trainer. I live in south of France where I breed "Zolotoy Borzoi". I spend also as much time as possible in Eastern Europe where i have a small ranch in central Ukraine (Romanov sheep breeder). My philosophy of life are : LOVE is my religion and Nature is my temple ... The most important is not the result we get, but the experience that we have gained to achieve this result ... The only certainty we can have is that we should not have any !!!