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Profile for karanoff : Karen Klein

Name: Karen Klein Added dog entries: 4
Phone 1: 2077856229 ()
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Biography: I saw my first borzoi in a Vogue magazine my mother, a fashion illustrator at Vogue, brought home when I was 5. I never forgot them and saw another when I was in college in Boston. A few years later in 1975, newly married, my husband and I got our first borzoi and things took off from there. Though I've not always shown my dogs, being in college, then graduate school, over many years, I've always had them by my side and dreamed of the day I could have (fenced) acres for them to run on and be the beautifully moving creatures that they are. For the past 28 years while living in Maine I've been able to fulfill that dream. Sometimes I wonder if this, rather than being a psychologist, is my real purpose in life.
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