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Profile for Sunburst Borzoi : Garnett Thompson

Name: Garnett Thompson Added dog entries: 6
Phone 1: 925-207-0665 ()
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Biography: Garnett Thompson Borzoi Bio Sunburst Borzoi Registered I have loved and owned, bred and exhibited Borzoi since 1971 I met my first Borzoi in 1970 and it has been an ongoing love affair. I have had the privilege of breeding, owning and exhibiting many American Champions, European Champions and a few World Champions. Sunburst most accomplished Borzoi was the incredible “Hunter” Multi BIS , BISS Ch Sunburst Huntsman at Mechta; Number one Borzoi breed 2 yrs and all breed three years running AKC,: BISS BCOA National; BOB at Westminster and cut in group , 1st runner up at Eukanuba International competition 2010; 21 BIS wins in the AKC and JKC and the Number one dog all breed in Japan 2010. In addition to the incredible “Hunter” there are many winners too many to list . Among the winners are several group winning Borzoi; 30 plus AKC & FCI Champions; 3 ROM Awards and Dual Champions, and SC Champions. This year 2014 three new Champions AKC, breeder of 2014 & 2013 Top Borzoi Male coursing Euro Countries as well as BIS Beauty and Coursing events, A “Hunter” son WW Sunburst Duke Califia At Dober Kopp 2013 BOB at World Dog show and 2014 BIS Euro Sight hound Specialty . With all these confirmations of winning Borzoi, I must give credit to my incredible mentors. I began in Borzoi in 1970. I read everything I could find and made James Barr my first breeder that I wanted to emulate (I did not meet him personally till many years later). I chose the name Sunburst it was the closest I could come to Sunbarr. I have had great dogs in my Borzoi life because I have had the honor of having great mentors. My first mentors were Marge and Sid Cox Hethivar Kennel in the 1970’s who taught me the importance of quality, most recently Charlotte Wheeler of the famous v’Indra Kennel. Charlotte taught me to travel the world for the very best and to look for quality in a line deep before deciding on a breeding. The purpose to breed is to preserve Borzoi for generations to come. I attended four World Dog show events, my first was in 1998 in Finland with my mentor Charlotte Wheeler, and exhibited at all of them. At this time in my 40 Plus years in the Dog Show world, I am looking forward to the next step qualifying for AKC judging, this is an exciting next step for me, I consider judging a great responsibility. If you have any questions regarding my Borzoi or just borzoi in general please feel free to call, i will do my best to share my experiences and knowledge . My goal is help as many Borzoi enthusiast in the breed as possible. Contact information Garnett Thompson 925-207-0665 Email :
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