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Profile for triumphatorborzoj : Agnes Balkanyi

Name: Agnes Balkanyi Added dog entries: 29
Preferred IM:  triumphator
Biography: My name is Agnes Balkanyi, i live in Budapest, Hungary. I am a beginner Barzoj Breeder, but very very big fan of this amazing breed. I study many things from the breeders who are have Barzojs from many years ago - but I am sure I will study many things about them in the everydays and in the future. This elegant breed showing to me the perseverance, love, fastness, confidence! I didn't seen never yet this beautiful creature, like the BARZOIS. My family breeding Giant- & Miniature Schnauzers from more than 50 years. My grandpa, Bela Vadocz is the first breeder of Black Giant Schnauzers and Black&Silver Miniature Schnauzers in Hungary, he is FCI judge on shows and on working too. My mom dr. Eva Vadocz is the second generation of Sasvari Kennel, she is a vet & FCI judge. They bred many healthy-, champion Schnauzers over the world. So, I am not the breeder who "doing" litter every year.. Not this is my intent! My intent, that I breeding healthy-, beautiful- and happy Barzois.