TBF: Marcus Antonius z Bilmy
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Marcus Antonius z Bilmy

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Registered Name: Marcus Antonius z Bilmy
Breeder: Marcela Parizkova [z Bilmy]
Owner: Marta Ruzickov√° [z Palatinu Moravia]
Sire: Kyrov-Bijoux Worth Waiting For
Dam: WindnSatin Jadus V Coburn
Call Name: Tony
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 12 JAN 2012
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Czech Republic
Land of Standing: Czech Republic
Size: 78 cm (30.71 inch)
Weight: 50 kg (110.23 pound)
Colour: White and Silver
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: excellent,res.CAC,regional Winner
Trailing titles:
Available at stud: Yes
DM Test result: N/N Clear (By parents)
Magic z Bilmy male
Maria Magdalena z Bilmy female
Marilyn Monroe z Bilmy female
Mata Hari z Bilmy female
Maxim Gorkij z Bilmy male
Midnight Shadow z Bilmy male
Mireille Mathieu z Bilmy female
Monte Christo z Bilmy male
Morgana Le Fay z Bilmy female
Mystical Dark Victor z Bilmy male
WindNSatin Dragons Maiden female
WindnSatin Dragon's Soul female
WindnSatin Dragons Brimstone male
WindnSatin Dragons Geisha female
WindnSatin Dragons Relic male
Windnsatin Dragons Allure female
Known offspring:
Fajan z Palatinu Moravia male
Falcon z Palatinu Moravia male
Falkara z Palatinu Moravia female
Fanega z Palatinu Moravia female
Farina z Palatinu Moravia female
Finnegan z Palatinu Moravia male
Franciska z Palatinu Moravia female
Frankel z Palatinu Moravia male
Frankie z Palatinu Moravia male
Frederick z Palatinu Moravia male
Marcus Antonius z Bilmy
Kyrov-Bijoux Worth Waiting For
WindnSatin Ty Slezi of Zemny
Osdow av Fjascho
Windnsatin Ty Kaa
Kyrov's Fanny BriceChataqua's Sparkle of Kyrov
Windlord's Radience of Kyrov
WindnSatin Jadus V Coburn
WindnSatin Ty Slezi of Zemny
Osdow av Fjascho
Windnsatin Ty Kaa
Coburn's Silhouette
Oaklara Espresso
Coburn's Solar Flair