TBF: WindNSatin Dragons Maiden
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WindNSatin Dragons Maiden

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Registered Name: WindNSatin Dragons Maiden
Breeder: Mary Childs [WindnSatin]
Owner: Pat Shaw (Kennedy) [Coburn]
Sire: Kyrov-Bijoux Worth Waiting For
Dam: WindnSatin Jadus V Coburn
Call Name: Maiden
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 18 APR 2011
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: Silver and White
Distinguishing Features: self chinchilla; carries sable
Leading titles: AKC FC, Can Ch, UKC CH
Trailing titles: AKC SC, ASFA FCh
Registration#: HP40642902
DM Test result: N/N Clear (By parents)
ptd toward: CH, GRC
Magic z Bilmy male
Marcus Antonius z Bilmy male
Maria Magdalena z Bilmy female
Marilyn Monroe z Bilmy female
Mata Hari z Bilmy female
Maxim Gorkij z Bilmy male
Midnight Shadow z Bilmy male
Mireille Mathieu z Bilmy female
Monte Christo z Bilmy male
Morgana Le Fay z Bilmy female
Mystical Dark Victor z Bilmy male
WindnSatin Dragon's Soul female
WindnSatin Dragons Brimstone male
WindnSatin Dragons Geisha female
WindnSatin Dragons Relic male
Windnsatin Dragons Allure female
Known offspring:
Coburn Wingardium Leviosa Del Sol female
Del Sol Firebolt of Coburn WNS female
Del Sol Morsmordre WindnSatin male
Del Sol Sirius Black of Coburn WNS male
Elance Malificent female
Elance Marylis female
Elance Master And Commander male
Elance Meteor Vesperia male
Elance Michonne at Eidolon female
Elance Moonlight Becomes You female
Elance Moonlit Sea male
Elance Moonshimmer female
Elance Moonstone male
Elance Mosaic at Elista female
WindnSatin Bellatrix Lestrange female
WindnSatin Cho female
WindnSatin Luna Love Good female
WindNSatin Dragons Maiden
Kyrov-Bijoux Worth Waiting For
WindnSatin Ty Slezi of Zemny
Osdow av Fjascho
Windnsatin Ty Kaa
Kyrov's Fanny BriceChataqua's Sparkle of Kyrov
Windlord's Radience of Kyrov
WindnSatin Jadus V Coburn
WindnSatin Ty Slezi of Zemny
Osdow av Fjascho
Windnsatin Ty Kaa
Coburn's Silhouette
Oaklara Espresso
Coburn's Solar Flair