TBF: Katushka-Jubilee Movado
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Katushka-Jubilee Movado

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Registered Name: Katushka-Jubilee Movado
Breeder: Joyce Law [Katushka]
Cynthia Gredys [Jubilee Hounds]
Owner: Joyce Law [Katushka]
Maribeth Bennett
Sire: Jubilee Breath of Life
Dam: Katushka-Kyrov's Splash
Call Name: Rogue
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 24 NOV 2004
Date of Death: 3 DEC 2015
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 78.74 cm (31 inch)
Weight: 39.46 kg (86.99 pound)
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Am GCh, Gch
Trailing titles:
Registration#: HP134687/01
Available at stud: No
Frozen seemen available: Yes
DM Test result: N/N Clear (Tested)
Jubilee Katushka Ebel female
Katushka Jubilee Elini female
Katushka-Jubilee Invicta female
Known offspring:
Jubilee Katushka Wall Street Tycoon male
Jubilee Millionairess at Val-Thor female
Jubilee Mystic Hillside Mists female
Jubilee Oil Baron at Val-Thor male
Jubilee Renegade Mist female
Jubilee Tadbit O'Brindle Mist male
Jubilee Twilight Mist female
Katushka-Jubilee Movado
Jubilee Breath of Life
Renaissance General Patton
Virshina Renaissance Sage
Virshina Renaissance Topaz
Kyrov's Jubilante Hallelujah
Attaway Shooting Star Creset
Rising Star's Ivanna
Katushka-Kyrov's Splash
Chataqua's Desert Phoenix of Kyrov
Kyrov's Crescendo
Chataqua's Tasha Mahadi
Katushka's Moonlight Minuet
Kyrov's Crescendo
Seabury's Delightful Dziga