TBF: Elance Black Swan
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Elance Black Swan

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Registered Name: Elance Black Swan
Breeder: Cherie Hunchak [Elance]
Mary Childs [WindnSatin]
Owner: Anne Quinn [Summerlane]
Sire: WindnSatin TY Slezi of Veter
Dam: Elance Mystic Cequilla
Call Name: Ryder
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 15 JAN 2010
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Canada
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 81.28 cm (32 inch)
Weight: 46.27 kg (102.01 pound)
Colour: Black and Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Am Ch
Trailing titles: JC
Registration#: XA341280CAN
Available at stud: Yes
Frozen seemen available: Yes
DM Test result: N/N Clear (Tested)
Elance Beyond the Blue male
Known offspring:
Elance Lady In Ermine female
Elance Light Fantastic At Laureate female
Elance Lion of Judah male
Elance Lionizing male
Elance Summerlane Silverdrop at Hollywood male
Elance Summerlane Tigerwing male
Laureate Pacific Rim male
Laureate Party Of Two male
Laureate Perchance To Dream At Islehaven female
Laureate Persistence Of Memory female
Laureate Personal Ensign female
Laureate Petra Karat Brasil female
Laureate Pitch Black male
Laureate Prestidigitator male
Laureate Princess Sophie female
Sonoma Summerlane The Glory Of True Love female
Sonoma Summerlane Touch The Moon And Stars male
Sonoma's If Dreams Were Lightning female
Sonoma's Jack Hannan's Illegal Smile male
Sterling Black Egret II female
Sterling Kalligraphy female
Summerlane Elance Baronia female
Summerlane Elance Black Swallowtail male
Summerlane Elance Camberwell Beauty female
Summerlane Elance Glasswing female
Summerlane Elance Gossamerwing male
Summerlane Elance Painted Lady female
Elance Black Swan
WindnSatin TY Slezi of Veter
Osdow av Fjascho
Coverdale's Dimitroff
Fjora av Fjascho
Windnsatin Ty Kaa
Niteshade's Praesodymium of Ryhka
WindnSatin Dark Heritage
Elance Mystic Cequilla
Elance Mystic El Cid
Swiftess Romantic Egotist
Swiftess Kishniga Arafura
Elance Romanza
Keshari Rory O'Brynn
Swiftess Kishniga Arafura