TBF: Borzowski's Oskar Orlov
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Borzowski's Oskar Orlov

picture of dog
Registered Name: Borzowski's Oskar Orlov
Breeder: Annica Nilsson [Borzowski's]
Owner: Roger Kleven
Sire: Rothesby Seahawk
Dam: Borzowski's Magic Queen at Zaprof
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 20 MAR 2004
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing: Sweden
Colour: White and Red
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: SE CH, NO CH
Trailing titles:
Registration#: S62301/2004
Borzowski's Colin Cullinan male
Borzowski's Fleur Florentine female
Borzowski's Golden Jubilee male
Borzowski's Heart Of Eternity female
Borzowski's Hillary Hope female
Borzowski's Kinora Kohinoor female
Borzowski's Nikolaj Nassak male
Borzowski's Serena Sancy female
Known offspring:
Borzowski's Bartina Bellatrix female
Borzowski's Benjamin Big Bang male
Borzowski's C'est La Vie(R) female
Borzowski's Camelia Capella female
Borzowski's Galina Galaxy female
Borzowski's Glamour Boy male
Borzowski's Kapten Zoom male
Borzowski's Lady of My Life female
Borzowski's Leona Luna female
Borzowski's Lubor Lightyear male
Borzowski's Mariam Mercury female
Borzowski's Music Man male
Borzowski's Nice Man Jack male
Borzowski's Omarow Origo male
Borzowski's Pavel Pollux male
Borzowski's Stranger in the City male
Borzowski's Sweet Lorraine female
Borzowski's Zaragon male
Tarasov's Galliano male
Tarasov's Gasparian male
Tarasov's Gazelle female
Tarasov's Gernsey Flair female
Tarasov's Graffiti female
Tarasov's Grey Pearl female
Borzowski's Oskar Orlov
Rothesby Seahawk
Sholwood Silver Fox
Leicro's Zilver Shadow of Dimland
Sholwood Sweet Magnolia
Rothesby Serin Of Sholwood
Sholwood Stars'n Stripes
Sophia of Rothesby
Borzowski's Magic Queen at Zaprof
Zaprof's Melmac
Leicro's Russian Zaprak
Sholwood Special Magic
Borzowski's Miranda Merengue
Ardagan's Yondalar
Yermoloff's Onega