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Lynx Classic Music

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Registered Name: Lynx Classic Music
Breeder: Elisabet Jonsson [Lynx]
Owner: Elisabet Jonsson [Lynx]
Sire: Yermoloff's Chodlik
Dam: Lynx High Class
Call Name: Blinka
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 8 JAN 2000
Date of Death: 8 JUN 2011
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing: Sweden
Size: 75 cm (29.53 inch)
Weight: 33 kg (72.75 pound)
Colour: Fawn and White
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: NO CH, SE CH
Trailing titles:
Registration#: S16450/2000
Lynx Absolute Classic male
Lynx Classic Ballet female
Lynx Classic Character male
Lynx Classic Design female
Lynx Classic Fashion female
Lynx First Class male
Lynx Touch Of Class male
Known offspring:
Lynx All That Jazz male
Lynx Easter Parade male
Lynx Gentle Wind female
Lynx Kiss Me Kate female
Lynx Northern Wind male
Lynx Phantom of the Opera male
Lynx Ride the Wind male
Lynx Singin' In The Rain male
Lynx Starlight Express male
Lynx Which Witch female
Lynx Whispering Wind female
Lynx Wind In The Willows male
Lynx Winds from Russia male
Lynx Winds of Joy female
Lynx Wish on the Wind male
Lynx Wizard of Oz male
Lynx Classic Music
Yermoloff's Chodlik
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle
Leicro's Russian Zandstorm
Leicro's Russian Zvoja
Yermoloff's Raija
Yermoloff's Sultan
Yermoloff's Tania
Lynx High Class
Rothesby Saker
Sholwood Stars'n Stripes
Sophia of Rothesby
Leicro's Russian Zneda
Leicro's Russian Zandstorm
Leicro's Russian Zvoja