TBF: WindnSatin Over the Edge
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WindnSatin Over the Edge

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Registered Name: WindnSatin Over the Edge
Owner: Connie Taylor [Eidolon]
Mary Childs [WindnSatin]
Sire: Windnsatin Ty Baba Louie
Dam: Gladkii Veter Mystic Dancer
Call Name: Chasm
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 1 JUL 2001
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: White and Silver
Distinguishing Features: dark silver
Leading titles: Am Ch
Trailing titles: JC
Registration#: HM 96381102
Gladkii Veter Overachiever female
WindnSatin Maximum Overdrive male
Windnsatin Over The Top male
Known offspring:
Eidolon Final Fantasy female
Eidolon Fire On The Side male
Eidolon Fullmetal Alchemist male
Eidolon NeverWinter Nights female
Eidolon Secret Of Evermore male
Eidolon Swordbearer of Elance male
Eidolon Take To The Sky male
Gladkii Veter Beauty Queen
Gladkii Veter Josephine female
WindnSatin I'm on Fyre male
Windor Liquid Diamonds v Eidolon female
WindnSatin Over the Edge
Windnsatin Ty Baba Louie
Niteshade's Praesodymium of Ryhka
WindnSatin Niteshade of Ryhka
Cesium's Iodine of Ryhka
WindnSatin Dark Heritage
Wind'n Satin Black Legacy
WindnSatin Ni v Zephyr's Reach
Gladkii Veter Mystic DancerKlasyx Chulista Ivan Yakenoff
WindnSatin Master of the Hunt
Chulista American Beauty
Gladkii Veter Goldendragon WSRalyn's Raucous of Aristoff
WindnSatin Red Sonja