TBF: Carlos Sonnenberg
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Carlos Sonnenberg

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Registered Name: Carlos Sonnenberg
Breeder: Dr. Rosam, Zahnarzt [Sonnenberg]
Sire: Sergai Frisia Pascholl
Dam: Mura vom Federsee
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 18 JAN 1923
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Germany
Land of Standing: Germany
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles:
Trailing titles:
Registration#: DWZB 1784
Carmen Sonnenberg female
Known offspring:
Ador Waterloo male
Afra v. Waldenburg female
Afra v. Wolfstor female
Agil Waterloo male
Aja v. Wolfstor female
Alasch v. Hohenasperg male
Alceste v. Hohenasperg female
Alex v. Hohenasperg male
Alexandra Karlowna v. Hohenasperg female
Alexandra v. Hohenasperg female
Alice v. Waldenburg female
Alla v. Waldenburg female
Allo [Ergenzinger] male
Alma v. Waldenburg female
Anita [Ergenzinger] female
Anita v. Lebrechtsheim female
Anita v. Wolfstor female
Anni v. Hohenasperg female
Anuschka v. Wolfstor female
Arabella Jasnia Gora female
Aspid v. Wolfstor male
Asta v. Waldenburg female
Astor v. Lebrechtsheim male
Astrid Waterloo female
Ataman Waterloo male
Athos Waterloo male
Auti [Ergenzingerg]
Ayris female
Fee Sonnenberg female
Flirt Sonnenberg male
Jalta Sonnenberg female
Jendrik Sonnenberg male
Carlos SonnenbergSergai Frisia PaschollEdler vom SachsenwaldAlmadin Nikolskoi
Isma Beresina
Mara PaschollAsmodey Perchino
Butterfly Ural
Mura vom FederseeTschai Frisia PaschollChack Bielaja
Mara Pascholl
Toska von GessenbergAsmodey Perchino
Troika von Gessenberg