TBF: Mara Pascholl
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Mara Pascholl

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Registered Name: Mara Pascholl
Breeder: Else Mann [Pascholl]
Owner: Gertrud Sinkel
Sire: Asmodey Perchino
Dam: Butterfly Ural
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 2 MAY 1914
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Germany
Land of Standing: Germany
Colour: White and Red
Distinguishing Features: wh rd marks
Leading titles: Derby-Siegerin
Trailing titles:
Registration#: DWZ 540
Anuschka Pascholl female
Bronka Pascholl female
Brosky Pascholl male
Kaja Pascholl female
Priska Pascholl female
Wonja Pascholl female
Known offspring:
Diva Frisia Pascholl female
Divinia Frisia Pascholl female
Kara Frisia female
Matka Frisia Pascholl female
Pritki-Frisia-Pascholl male
Sascha Frisia Pascholl female
Sergai Frisia Pascholl male
Sokol von Romanoff male
Sudarka Frisia Pascholl female
Suleika Frisia Pascholl female
Swerkai Frisia Pascholl male
Trojanka von Romanoff female
Tschai Frisia Pascholl male
Wolk Frisia-Pascholl male
Mara PaschollAsmodey Perchino
Armavir II PerchinoArmavir I Perchino
Tiranka II Pershinskoi Okhoty
Yalta Pershinskoi OkhotyShvyryai Perchino
Aragva Pershinskoi Okhoty
Butterfly UralUgo AlexandroffOdyssée du Ziezeghem
Underwood Tusha
Rodina AlexandroffRurik Ural
Ramsden Rainbow