TBF: Silkenswift Black Aster
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Silkenswift Black Aster

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Registered Name: Silkenswift Black Aster
Breeder: Bonnie Dalzell [Silkenswift]
Owner: Bonnie Dalzell [Silkenswift]
Sire: Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos
Dam: Silkenswift Ramona Mosvikova
Call Name: Aster
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 20 MAY 1999
Date of Death: 21 OCT 2011
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 77.47 cm (30.5 inch)
Weight: 38.56 kg (85.01 pound)
Colour: Black and Tan
Distinguishing Features: Silver Brindle points
Leading titles:
Trailing titles: SC
Registration#: HM85144401
Silkenswift Blaze's Dark Lily female
Silkenswift Blaze's Yarrow female
Silkenswift Bonne Chance male
Silkenswift Burning Bright female
Silkenswift Red Ruben male
Silkenswift Storms In Africa female
Known offspring:
Howff Carbonl Lona Silknswft female
Kinobi Allstar of Attaway male
Kinobi Brodny Starshine female
Kinobi Dark Star female
Kinobi Stardance Radost female
Kinobi Starfleet male
Kinobi Starlet female
Kinobi's Autumn Star female
Silkenswift After Midnite male
Silkenswift Leapfrog female
Silkenswift Rider of the Storm male
Silkenswift Sailon Silvrgirl female
Silkenswift Stardust male
Silkenswift Black Aster
Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos
Silkenswift Captain Chaos
Silkenswift Flying Tiger
Silkenswift Midnight O'Malley
Silkenswift Howff Ishtar
Windrift Kindred Spirit
Silkenswift Pye's Dark Design
Silkenswift Ramona Mosvikova
Darjal 1620/bp
Melissa 1455/bp
Silkenswift Akvilon BarskSilkenswift Roadwarrior
Shady Luck's Uzhkotaboorya