TBF: A Giggle of Echovesna
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A Giggle of Echovesna

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Registered Name: A Giggle of Echovesna
Sire: Loral's Urahna Khan
Dam: Windswept Wicked Marguerita
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 27 FEB 1977
Date of Death: 1983
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 71.12 cm (28 inch)
Colour: White and Gold
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Am. Ch.
Trailing titles:
Registration#: HC383573
COD: bone cancer
Echovesna Butterfingers female
Echovesna's A Black Russian male
Echovesna's Amaretto female
Echovesna's Apricot Brandy female
Echovesna's Banana Split female
Known offspring:
Zenovia A Wild N Crazy Guy male
Zenovia Alotza Spotz male
Zenovia Arid Wind Song male
Zenovia Asgard of Balnagown male
Zenovia Avant Garde of Echov male
Zenovia Azurine Winterblu female
Zenovia Bo Derek of Echov female
Zenovia Bump In The Night female
Zenovia Chantilly Lace female
Zenovia's A Pandoras Box female
Zenovia's Aminnimunchkin female
A Giggle of EchovesnaLoral's Urahna Khan
Loral's GusodarPetrikov Midas Of Sunbarr
Loral's Bakarska Vodica
Loral's Iskra IvanovnaTrezor Ivan
Loral's Electra Zorka
Windswept Wicked Marguerita
Loral's Iossif Ivanevitch
Trezor Ivan
Loral's Electra Zorka
Kaoc Katerina of WindsweptWilolea's Nuryiev of Kaoc
Kaoc Treasure of Sunbarr