TBF: Rothesby Seahawk
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Rothesby Seahawk

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Registered Name: Rothesby Seahawk
Breeder: Sue Carter [Rothesby]
Owner: Sue Carter [Rothesby]
Sire: Sholwood Silver Fox
Dam: Rothesby Serin Of Sholwood
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 9 DEC 1995
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing:
Colour: Blue Fawn and White
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Ch
Trailing titles:
Rothesby Steele male
Rothesby Swanee female
Rothesby Swift of Sholwood male
Sholwood Scottish Reel male
Sholwood Silk'N Satin of Chuchin female
Sholwood Silver Bells female
Sholwood Singing the Blues of Russkaya male
Sholwood Song of Skye of Russkaya female
Sholwood Sterling Silver male
Known offspring:
Borzowski's Colin Cullinan male
Borzowski's Fleur Florentine female
Borzowski's Golden Jubilee male
Borzowski's Heart Of Eternity female
Borzowski's Hillary Hope female
Borzowski's Kinora Kohinoor female
Borzowski's Nikolaj Nassak male
Borzowski's Oskar Orlov male
Borzowski's Serena Sancy female
Datcha Barin at Menigma male
Datcha Boginya female
Datcha Boltushka female
Datcha Boyetz male
Rothesby Amethyst of Sholwood female
Rothesby Emerald of Sholwood female
Rothesby Ice Diamond of Driftcombe male
Ryazan Harlequin with Dellaware male
Ryazan Harvester male
Ryazan Haydn male
Ryazan Hazel of Tyysgol female
Ryazan Heather female
Ryazan Heidi female
Ryazan Hugo at Zovertoff male
Ryazan Hussar at Skyra male
Tayzalor Dragonspell male
Tayzalor Moonlight Dream female
Tayzalor Moonlight Shadow of Solaise female
Tayzalor Secret Quest male
Zykina Zavidka female
Zykina Zebulon Of Tcheria male
Rothesby Seahawk
Sholwood Silver Fox
Leicro's Zilver Shadow of Dimland
Leicro's Russian Zovit
Astafiev Snow Sybil
Sholwood Sweet Magnolia
Stillwater Jubilee
Stillwater Virginia Reel
Rothesby Serin Of Sholwood
Sholwood Stars'n Stripes
Stillwater Jubilee
Stillwater Virginia Reel
Sophia of Rothesby
Hissing Sid of Baroncroft
Colhugh Clementina of Olias