TBF: Avalon Afanasii Belozor Arcane
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Avalon Afanasii Belozor Arcane

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Registered Name: Avalon Afanasii Belozor Arcane
Breeder: Rebecca & Tim Neal [Afanasii]
Suzanne Liggett [Belozor]
Sandra Moore [Avalon]
Owner: Rebecca & Tim Neal [Afanasii]
Sandra Moore [Avalon]
Suzanne Liggett [Belozor]
Sire: AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka
Dam: Avalon What Matters Most
Call Name: Ray
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 11 APR 2007
Date of Death: 2014
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 77.47 cm (30.5 inch)
Weight: 45.36 kg (100 pound)
Colour: Red Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: AKC CH
Trailing titles: AKC SC, ASFA FCh
Registration#: HP262882/04
DM Test result: N/N Clear (Tested)
pointed in AKC lure coursing DM CLEAR CHIC
Afanasii Belozor Clandestine male
Afanasii Belozor Incognito female
Afanasii Belozor Surreptitious female
Afanasii BelozorAvalon Subrosa female
Avalon Afanasii Cipher male
Avalon Afanasii Cloak N Dagger male
Avalon Afanasiibelozor Scytale female
Known offspring:
Akanni Afanasii Burnished Blackbird male
Akanni Afanasii Lighthearted Lutra male
JustSo Hippo At Hell's Gate female
JustSo Kalahari Cheeta Club female
JustSo Serengeti Secretary Bird female
Avalon Afanasii Belozor Arcane
AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka
Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka
Niteshade's Praesodymium of Ryhka
Mayberry's Aurium of Ryhka
Kristull Rhenium of Ryhka
Fluorine's El Abejarro de Ryhka
Kristull Javanicin of Ryhka
Avalon What Matters Most
Silkenswift Camus Dark Realm
Mufasa Midnite O Silkenswift
Silkenswift Isis O'Shadows
Avalon Fall From Grace
Avalon Cimmerian Haze Teine
Willowwind's Love At First Site