TBF: Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'Shin
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Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'Shin

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Registered Name: Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'Shin
Breeder: Monika Willman [Zimistraija]
Owner: Terry & Scott Doane
Sire: Gordienko av Fjascho
Dam: Jelistaz Grace Of Zimistraija
Call Name: Mozart
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 3 SEP 1997
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: White and Red
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: AmCh FieldCh
Trailing titles: JC ROM-C
Registration#: S50180/97
Group placing Ch. Zimistraija Mozart Play For SV'Shin FCh. ROM 1997-09-03 to 2008-04-08 I have compiled the stats that I could research from theborzoifiles and from breeders/owners feedback. In the 3 generations descended from Mozart, so far he has, that I know of: 62 Champions 9 Grand Champions 6 Duel Champions 7 Field Champions AKC 5 Canadian Champions 5 ASFA Champions 5 GRC/SGRC Champions 31 JC’s/SC’s Titles 3 Rally Titles. One grandson is a Silver Grand Champion and BIS winner. In the 61 dogs that have some title, they have accumulated 133 titles total. That is an average of 2.2 titles per dog. Some of these titles were not available in Mozart’s time or his children’s time, such as Grand Champion or AKC Field Champion. I admit I have not compiled what total offspring were produced for each generation so as to be able to get percentages. Basically Mozart himself produced 6 litters off 6 different bitches, and he has now impacted at least 15 different kennels.
Zimistraija Maestro At Svershin male
Zimistraija MioMir male
Zimistraija Mirkovitch male
Zimistraija Mitos male
Known offspring:
Avalyn Darion male
Avalyn Johann S Bach SV'Shin male
Avalyn Life Of Riley male
Avalyn Nakai Native Tapestry female
Avalyn Nakai The Magic Flute male
Avalyn's All About Eve female
Avalyn's All American Lad male
Avalyn's El Cid male
SVershin's Makari of Purejoy male
SVershin's Marya female
SVershin's Mikayla
SVershin's Miliy female
Svershin Maurugi of Purejoy male
Svershin's Mitelitza female
Svora High Echelon female
Svora's Gallant Fox male
Svora's Victory Gallop of Divny male
Svora's War Admiral male
Svora's Whirlaway female
Tufftoo Abba male
Tufftoo Amadeus male
Tufftoo Anet female
Tufftoo Anka male
Tufftoo Apollo male
Tufftoo Aretha female
Tufftoo Armstrong male
Twin Elm's Barinya female
Twin Elm's Figaro Of Forbes male
Twin Elms Nikita Of Elza male
Twin Elms Tucha female
Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'Shin
Gordienko av Fjascho
Timirinja's Birkovitch
Polongain Jura
Don Fursteeva's Czarina
Dolja av Fjascho
Kazar Dimitroff
Kazar Emilie
Jelistaz Grace Of Zimistraija
Timirinja's Birkovitch
Polongain Jura
Don Fursteeva's Czarina
Jelistaz Crystal Charazeewa
Kajai's Caribe
Yablonaja Jerzeva