TBF: WindnSatin Red Sonja
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WindnSatin Red Sonja

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Registered Name: WindnSatin Red Sonja
Sire: Knapovich's Diavolo of Jem
Dam: Jett Kristull Mumtaz Mahal
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 2 APR 1988
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: White and Red
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Am Ch
Trailing titles:
WindN'Satin Queen Gedron female
WindnSatin Kirran Jett male
WindnSatin Narita Jett female
WindnSatin Valaria female
Known offspring:
Gladkii Veter Dragon Fire WS female
Gladkii Veter Dragon Rogue Ws male
Gladkii Veter Goldendragon WS female
Gladkii Veter On Time Dragon male
Gladkii Veter Snapdragon WNS female
Wind N Satin Double Dare male
WindnSatin Baba Yaga female
WindnSatin Bleau Maskeraids female
WindnSatin Dare To Compare female
WindnSatin Dare To Dream male
WindnSatin Daring Darling female
WindnSatin Daring Duo male
WindnSatin Eagles Dare male
WindnSatin GV Vikg Dragnslayr male
WindnSatin Komazuar male
WindnSatin Trick or Treat female
Windnsatin Dragon Tears GV female
WindnSatin Red SonjaKnapovich's Diavolo of Jem
Majenkir Sandstone
Majenkir Gyrfalcon
Crescent's Crafty
Fairyfort's Easter Knapovich
Cossack's Artemus Knapovich
Fairyfort's Sable of the Hills
Jett Kristull Mumtaz MahalBalcone's Aztec JettKorsakov's Excelcius
Kristull Qquest The Wind
Kristull Fire and iceKristull Ccenturion
Kristull Mmere Whisper