TBF: Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka
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Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka

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Registered Name: Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka
Sire: Niteshade's Praesodymium of Ryhka
Dam: Mayberry's Aurium of Ryhka
Call Name: Bremen
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 23 SEP 1998
Date of Death: 15 JUL 2010
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: AKC CH
Trailing titles: AKC JC, NOTRA JOR
Registration#: HM 81048303
Available at stud: No
Frozen seemen available: No
COD: Osteosarcoma
Aurium's Brin Ohmsford Of Ryhka female
Aurium's Druid Allanon Of Ryhka male
Aurium's Quickening Of Ryhka female
Mayberry Aurium's Wren Of Ryhka female
Wind N'Satin AuAmberle of Ryhka female
WindnSatin Au Brona Of Ryhka male
Known offspring:
AuDruid Bremen's Tantalum of Ryhka female
AuDruid Bremen's Thallium of Ryhka
AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka male
AuDruid Bremen's Tin of Ryhka male
AuDruid Bremen's Yttrium Of Ryhka male
AuDruid Bremen's Zinc Of Ryhka male
AuDruid Bremen's Zirconium Of Ryhka female
Audruid Bremen's Technetium of Ryhka female
Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka
Niteshade's Praesodymium of Ryhka
WindnSatin Niteshade of RyhkaWind'n Satin Black Legacy
WindnSatin Celestal Kristull
Cesium's Iodine of RyhkaKolinar's Cesium of Ryhka
Windhound's New Ness
Mayberry's Aurium of RyhkaPickle Hill's Rebel
Oronzova's Ariston
Windyglen's CC of Pickle Hill
Pickle Hill's Oreo of Mayberry
Zephyr's Reach Syn Pickle Hill
Rancho Gabriel Canby