TBF: AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka
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AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka

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Registered Name: AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka
Owner: Sandra Moore [Avalon]
Sire: Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka
Dam: Kristull Rhenium of Ryhka
Call Name: Thor
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 23 SEP 2001
Date of Death: 2014
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: Red Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: AKC FC
Trailing titles: ASFA FCh
Registration#: HM98627206
AuDruid Bremen's Tantalum of Ryhka female
AuDruid Bremen's Thallium of Ryhka
AuDruid Bremen's Tin of Ryhka male
Audruid Bremen's Technetium of Ryhka female
Known offspring:
Afanasii Belozor Avalon Subrosa female
Afanasii Belozor Clandestine male
Afanasii Belozor Incognito female
Afanasii Belozor Surreptitious female
Avalon Afanasii Belozor Arcane male
Avalon Afanasii Cipher male
Avalon Afanasii Cloak N Dagger male
Avalon Afanasiibelozor Scytale female
Avalon Radioactive Dreams female
Avalon Rave Review female
Avalon Revenant
Avalon Right Temptation male
Avalon Risky Business female
Avalon Road Warrior
Avalon Rumor of Angels female
Avalon Rush Hour
Teine Twist of Fate male
Teine Twisted Ribbons female
AuDruid Bremen's Thorium of Ryhka
Mayberry AuDruid Bremen of Ryhka
Niteshade's Praesodymium of Ryhka
WindnSatin Niteshade of Ryhka
Cesium's Iodine of Ryhka
Mayberry's Aurium of RyhkaPickle Hill's Rebel
Pickle Hill's Oreo of Mayberry
Kristull Rhenium of Ryhka
Fluorine's El Abejarro de Ryhka
Wind'n Satin Walter Witch L GV
Winter's Fluorine of Ryhka
Kristull Javanicin of RyhkaKolinar's Cesium of Ryhka
Kristull Uumber Ulana of Ryhka