TBF: Rising Star's Ivanna
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Rising Star's Ivanna

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Registered Name: Rising Star's Ivanna
Breeder: Nadine Johnson [Rising Star]
Sire: Kyrov's Crescendo
Dam: Rising Star Dasha of Sunbarr
Call Name: Ivana
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 30 JUL 1992
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 73.66 cm (29 inch)
Weight: 34.47 kg (75.99 pound)
Colour: Black, Tan and White
Distinguishing Features: Spotted
Leading titles: Am. Ch.
Trailing titles: ROMX-C
Registration#: HM421598/08
Rising Star I'Navarra of Cazimir female
Rising Star Ikalinka at Psovoi female
Rising Star Islaevika Cazimir female
Known offspring:
Attaway Kyrov Star Kissed male
Chataqua Promise Symphony Kyrov female
Chataqua Sovereign of Kyrov female
Chataqua's Melodica of Kyrov female
Chataqua's Valimir of Kyrov male
Kyrov Kinobi Dancing Star female
Kyrov's Jubilante Hallelujah female
Kyrov's Romantica female
Kyrov's Virtuosity Chataqua male
Rising Star's Ivanna
Kyrov's Crescendo
P.O.S.H. Echovesna's Islaev
Sirhan Baryatinsky
Windswept Glory Of Echovesna
Kyrov's Rising Star Nastassja
Lanel's Rio Grand
Selica of Rising Star
Rising Star Dasha of SunbarrStonebar Sebastian
Strelkos Stormy Morn
Stonebar Sovereign
Rising Star's Penelope
Tolstoi of Rising Star
Ruffian of Rising Star