TBF: V'Indra's Irek
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V'Indra's Irek

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Registered Name: V'Indra's Irek
Breeder: Charlotte Wheeler [V'Indra]
Owner: Lillemor & Conny Croneryd [Leicro's]
Sire: V'Indra's Oovelky Obskaya
Dam: V'Indra's Lady Saphire
Call Name: irek
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 25 DEC 1995
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: Sweden
Colour: Black and Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Int Am Dutch PR Ch.
Trailing titles: JC
Registration#: HM56485401
A friend to everyone he met, dog or person. He swiftly got Am. Ch. then to Puerto Rico to finish there, on to Holland and finishing in France his F.C. I. International title....what a fabulous male. His influence is still felt in his offspring, Golightly in USA & Europe.
Brolin Golightly Flying Colorz female
Known offspring:
Brolin Golightly R Kelcrest male
Brolin's Golightly Hurricane female
Brolin's Triumph Bonneville female
Dshomini van Troybhiko male
Dzhalinda van Troybhiko female
Elmaya van Troybhiko female
Emperor van Troybhiko male
Enchantess van Troybhiko female
Enturnallove van Troybhiko female
Golightly BSA Victor male
Golightly Chatelaine female
Golightly Dexter Vincent male
Golightly Norton Commando male
Golightly Vincent Blk Shadow male
Leicro's Russian Zephyr Isola Irec male
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zariba female
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zchuta female
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zindbra female
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zorta female
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zwartha female
Leicro's Russian Zoloto Archie male
Leicro's Russian Zoloto Zima male
Leicro's Russian Zoloto Ztranger male
Leicro's Russian Zteppbreeze female
Leicro's Russian Ztepplove female
Leicro's Russian Zteppsilence female
Leicro's Russian Ztrateg male
Leicro's Russian Ztrategi male
Rosco's Hebranova female
Åfelia's Felicia female
Åfelia's Figarow Dumle male
Åfelia's Fuschenko Humle male
V'Indra's Irek
V'Indra's Oovelky ObskayaObskaya's FarwoObskaya's Bokal
Obskaya's Tara
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Rhapsody Twilight Time
V'Indra's Lady Saphire
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