TBF: Perchotin's Ivor
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Perchotin's Ivor

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Registered Name: Perchotin's Ivor
Breeder: W Carlile
Owner: Lexy Kovacs
Marcella Zobel [Golightly]
Kris Brolin
Sire: Leicro's Russian Ztorm Hawk
Dam: Brolin Golightly Flying Colorz
Call Name: Ivor
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 28 NOV 2001
Date of Death: 19 MAR 2012
Land of Birth: Netherlands
Land of Standing: Canada
Colour: White and Black
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: AM/CAN CH
Trailing titles: AKC JC
Registration#: 1092277
Frozen seemen available: Yes
DM Test result: DM/N Carrier
#1 Borzoi in Canada for 2008! Award Of Merit at the Eukanuba National Championship 2007! Ivor is a wonderful dog he is everything i could ever hope for. Ivor is: CERF Normal; Thyroid Normal; Cardiac color echo Normal; DM Carrier. Ivor is greatly missed. He was collected and I have 8 breedings worth on ice.
Perchotin's Indhira female
Perchotin's Iron Eagle male
Perchotin's Isis female
Known offspring:
Aragorn's Mistral female
Aragorn's Zephyr Vendeval Golightly female
Avalon Lundr Zoika female
Brolin Golightly Selleck male
Golightly Brolin Luca male
Golightly Brolin Ooma Franca female
Golightly Yannick Brolin male
Lundr Avalon Alexi of Huan male
Lundr Avalon Golightly Viggo Brolin male
Lundr Avalon Kiska Brolin female
Lundr Avalon Lukare
Lundr Avalon Sudba female
Lundr Avalon Tniuviel Huan
Tovaritch Catherine the Great female
Tovaritch Cazamir at Weerob male
Tovaritch Desa at Prairietrail female
Tovaritch Dyani Etel Dayspring female
Tovaritch Dyllon at Brolin male
Tovaritch's Chorney male
Tovaritch's Cish Czaritza female
Tovaritch's Constanza female
Tovaritch's Cordell male
Tovaritch's Daar male
Tovaritch's Daschenka female
Tovaritch's Dasvedanya male
Tovaritch's Dolina female
Tovaritch's Duma at Windseeker male
Tovaritch's Dvina female
Valinor Gl Darkest Before Dawn female
Valinor Gl Zoriyan Storm male
Valinor Golightly Thundercrest male
Valinor's GL Lightning Strikes male
Perchotin's Ivor
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Hawk
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle
Leicro's Russian Zandstorm
Leicro's Russian Zvoja
Leicro's Russian Zwartina
Leicro's Russian Zkydreamer
Leicro's Russian Zvoja
Brolin Golightly Flying Colorz
V'Indra's Oovelky ObskayaObskaya's Farwo
V'Indra's Midnight
V'Indra's Lady Saphire
V'Indra's Zyazandyego
V'Indra's Midnight