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Leicro's Russian Ztarshine

picture of dog
Registered Name: Leicro's Russian Ztarshine
Owner: Carol Kubiak-Zamora
Kennel: Leicro's
Sire: Leicro's Russian Zwartkopf
Dam: Leicro's Russian Zteppflower
Call Name: Olivia
Sex: female
Date of Birth: JUN 2005
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing: USA
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Am Ch
Trailing titles: ROM-CX
Registration#: HP06409102
Leicro's Russian Ztarbright female
Leicro's Russian Ztargirl female
Leicro's Russian Ztarlet female
Leicro's Russian Ztarstrike male
Leicro's Russian Ztarwar male
Known offspring:
Phaedra Daciana female
Phaedra Damita female
Phaedra Delicious female
Phaedra Denali Zarievo male
Phaedra Diamond Luki female
Phaedra Dmetrii Ex Libris male
Phaedra Dorofeia Ex Libris female
Phaedra Double-o-seven male
Phaedra Dracul male
Phaedra Dragomir male
Phaedra Fancha female
Phaedra Federer male
Phaedra Ferrari Cane Di Lusso male
Phaedra Fina N'Kara female
Phaedra Fiona female
Phaedra Fireglow of Gentlewind female
Phaedra Magdalena female
Phaedra Mala female
Phaedra Manolo Whispered Dream male
Phaedra Mariza Charlotte female
Phaedra Marquesa Maria female
Phaedra Mathilde female
Phaedra MiG Volschebnivitch male
Leicro's Russian Ztarshine
Leicro's Russian Zwartkopf
Wassilow van Triumfus Dyonisos
Ulanov van Triumfus Dyonisos
Perschina van Triumfus Dyonisos
Leicro's Russian Zoja
Leicro's Russian Zandstorm
Leicro's Russian Zvoja
Leicro's Russian Zteppflower
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle
Leicro's Russian Zandstorm
Leicro's Russian Zvoja
Leicro's Russian Ztepponova
J'Youri des Princes de Kazan
Sholwood Shot Silk