TBF: Datcha Plamia
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Datcha Plamia

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Registered Name: Datcha Plamia
Owner: Ingrid Knieschke [Datcha]
Sire: Sholwood Striking Midnight at Datcha
Dam: Datcha Grushka
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 22 JUN 1992
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles:
Trailing titles:
Registration#: KCSB 2826CE
Datcha Basnya female
Datcha Nahodka female
Datcha Umilka female
Known offspring:
Datcha Barin at Menigma male
Datcha Boginya female
Datcha Boltushka female
Datcha Boyetz male
Datcha Zadira female
Datcha Zagon male
Datcha Zarya female
Datcha Zhar of Hegerova male
Datcha PlamiaSholwood Striking Midnight at Datcha
Sholwood Stars'n Stripes
Stillwater Jubilee
Stillwater Virginia Reel
Sholwood Sprig Muslin
Livny Black Eagle
Velvet Of Fortrouge
Datcha GrushkaStonebar Saturn of Strelkos
Strelkos Stormy Morn
Stonebar Sovereign
Zomahli VoliaManitias Count Hugo
Zomahli Molba