TBF: Coverdale's Dimitroff
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Coverdale's Dimitroff

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Registered Name: Coverdale's Dimitroff
Breeder: Kaisa Talvenheimo [Coverdale's]
Owner: Nina Peedu [of Golden-West]
Sire: Dimitroff d.y. av Fjascho
Dam: Japejukan Kuurankukka
Call Name: Juuso
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 8 APR 1996
Date of Death: 11 NOV 2005
Land of Birth: Finland
Land of Standing: Finland
Colour: White and Gold
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Fin Ch
Trailing titles:
Registration#: FIN 24273/96
Coverdale's D'Artagan male
Coverdale's Dahlia Unique female
Coverdale's Dimitri male
Coverdale's Don Carlos male
Coverdale's Doris Day female
Coverdale's Dustin male
Known offspring:
Anna-Su Ada Princes female
Anna-Su Alexej Carlos male
Anna-Su Alfa Dimitroff male
Anna-Su Anastasia Desna female
Anna-Su Angel-Lili female
Anna-Su April Moon female
Coverdale's Iason male
Coverdale's Ibykos male
Coverdale's Ifigeneia female
Coverdale's Ikaros male
Coverdale's Iksion male
Olgarowa av Fjascho female
Orjenko av Fjascho male
Orzova av Fjascho female
Osdow av Fjascho male
Oveta av Fjascho female
Ovita av Fjascho female
Ozaroff av Fjascho male
Ozdowa av Fjascho female
Coverdale's Dimitroff
Dimitroff d.y. av Fjascho
Kazar Dimitroff
Kaznan Misek
Kaznan Farina
Kazar Emilie
Al-Wintar's United Astrachan
Kazar Camelia
Japejukan Kuurankukka
Margiitan Zambalaya Zhack
Margiitan Boris
Margiitan Natalii
Uniikki Adalmina
Polongain Hubert
Miljanna (FIN)