TBF: Rainmaker Another Dream
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Rainmaker Another Dream

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Registered Name: Rainmaker Another Dream
Breeder: Johanna Lind-Vilpponen [Rainmaker]
Owner: Johanna Lind-Vilpponen [Rainmaker]
Sire: Margiitan Quattrostagioni
Dam: Margiitan Ödina Önzalida
Call Name: Hemmi
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 22 MAY 1993
Date of Death: 24 AUG 2003
Land of Birth: Finland
Land of Standing: Finland
Colour: White and Light Fawn
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Fin Ch FinW-00 NordW-01
Trailing titles:
Registration#: SF20246/93
Finnish Borzoi Club's BOS-showborzoi 2000
Finnish Borzoi Club's BOB-showborzoi 2001
Rainmaker Above All male
Rainmaker After Darkness female
Rainmaker After Me Please female
Rainmaker After Midnight female
Rainmaker All I Need female
Rainmaker All Night Long female
Rainmaker All Or Nothing male
Known offspring:
Borscana Back In Black male
Borscana Christmas Eve female
Borscana Cloudy Day female
Borscana Dreams of Rainmaker female
Borscana Kormak Kataja male
Borscana My Michelle female
Borscana Think About You female
Borscana Ulvejeger male
Borscana Valkyria female
Borscana WitchCraft female
Polongain Zarevitsh male
Polongain Zariza female
Polongain Zelik male
Polongain Zelkovaja female
Polongain Zelkovyi male
Polongain Zep male
Polongain Zimbalist male
Polongain Zlata female
Rainmaker Fairytale female
Rainmaker Fellini male
Rainmaker Final Dream male
Rainmaker Fleur de Neige female
Rainmaker For A Frolic female
Rainmaker For Your Eyes male
Rainmaker Forever More male
Rainmaker Freebooter male
Rainmaker Full-Blooded male
Rainmaker Fulmar male
Rainmaker Another Dream
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