TBF: Amazonka aus Goldene Bande
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Amazonka aus Goldene Bande

picture of dog
Registered Name: Amazonka aus Goldene Bande
Breeder: Irina Shpakovskaja [Aus Goldene Bande]
Sire: Cars Ivans Lebed' Serebryniy
Dam: Belye Volki Erline
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 21 JAN 2017
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Belarus
Land of Standing:
Colour: White and Silver
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles:
Trailing titles:
☆ Available ☆
Amazonka the large and bony girl with the beautiful head. The color is almost white. A bite - scissors. Is suitable for a show and breeding cultivation. Looks for the careful mother and the father. Delivery to the European Union is possible
Aisberg aus Goldene brande male
Aktrisa aus Goldene Bande female
Akulina aus Goldene Bande female
Arisona aus Goldene Bande female
Amazonka aus Goldene Bande
Cars Ivans Lebed' Serebryniy
Cars Ivans Knyaz Udaloy
Borzowski's Glamour Boy
Zagadka iz Razdolia
Cars Ivans Golubka Ljubimaya
Phaedra Cezarj
Borscana Rag Doll
Belye Volki Erline
Zolotoe Runo Urala Zelanny
Svora Torsten the Thunderous
Arkas Aruna Steshka Tiranka
Yungun 3220/06