TBF: Valinor Gl Darkest Before Dawn
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Valinor Gl Darkest Before Dawn

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Registered Name: Valinor Gl Darkest Before Dawn
Breeder: Deborah Butler [Valinor]
Sire: Perchotin's Ivor
Dam: Kelcrest Feel the Heat
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 8 DEC 2005
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles:
Trailing titles:
Registration#: HP 19263302
Valinor Gl Zoriyan Storm male
Valinor Golightly Thundercrest male
Valinor's GL Lightning Strikes male
Valinor Gl Darkest Before DawnPerchotin's Ivor
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Hawk
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle
Leicro's Russian Zwartina
Brolin Golightly Flying Colorz
V'Indra's Oovelky Obskaya
V'Indra's Lady Saphire
Kelcrest Feel the Heat
Brolin Golightly R KelcrestV'Indra's Irek
Petrushka's Anya
Kelcrest Pellinor CoppertoneKelcrest Rohnoke Red Baron
Pellinor's Brolin Countach