TBF: Zoiboyz Gibson
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Zoiboyz Gibson

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Registered Name: Zoiboyz Gibson
Breeder: Tom and KC Thompson Golcher [Zoiboyz]
Owner: Tom and KC Thompson Golcher [Zoiboyz]
Sire: Chabibi's Korona-Kazan
Dam: Attaway-Kinobi Running to Paradise
Call Name: Gibson
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 6 AUG 2012
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Size: 76.2 cm (30 inch)
Weight: 35.38 kg (78 pound)
Colour: Dark Fawn
Distinguishing Features: Self, sabled
Leading titles: AKC Ch
Trailing titles: SC, ASFA FCh, LGRA GRC, AKC CGC
Available at stud: Yes
DM Test result: N/N Clear (Tested)
Talented in many coursing venues, Gibson finished his AKC Championship title at the 2017 RMBC Winter Specialty show, winning Best of Winners and his 3rd major. Gibson has sired two promising litters - one born in the USA and one born in Japan. Ellis (Japanese Ch Zoiboyz Bulioch of Second Heaven JP, bred by Miwa Onadera) became his first champion get as at the tender age of just 18 months in 2017. BOS in LGRA at 2016 BCOA Nationals! 4th place in a very competitive AmBred class at 2016 BCOA National.
Attaway-Kinobi Gala Margarita female
Attaway-Kinobi Galliano male
Attaway-Kinobi Godiva Irish Coffee female
Zoiboyz Glenlivet Nadurra female
Zoiboyz Guinness male
Known offspring:
Avalon Perlova Go Darkly female
Avalon Perlova Go Fish male
Avalon Perlova Go West female
Avalon Perlova Ready Set Go female
Perlova Avalon Boldly Go male
Perlova Avalon Easy Goer female
Perlova Avalon Giddy up Go female
Perlova Avalon Indy Go Zoiboyz male
Perlova Avalon Never Lemme Go male
Zoiboyz B-Sugar of Second Heaven JP female
Zoiboyz Biscotty of Second Heaven JP male
Zoiboyz Bonbon of Second Heaven JP male
Zoiboyz Brownie of Second Heaven JP female
Zoiboyz Brûlée of Second Heaven JP female
Zoiboyz Buliosh of Second Heaven JP female
Zoiboyz Gibson
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