TBF: Borego Mierzalosc Borzoi
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Borego Mierzalosc Borzoi

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Registered Name: Borego Mierzalosc Borzoi
Breeder: Verena Stinner [Mierzalosc Borzoi]
Sire: Yard Stepowy Goniec
Dam: Wonna Wiosna Stepowy Goniec
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 3 MAY 2006
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Germany
Land of Standing: Germany
Colour: White and Light Fawn
Distinguishing Features:
Leading titles: Excellent
Trailing titles:
Registration#: DWZB B 17597
owner: Ch. Becker
Balsamina Mierzalosc Borzoi female
Blackstonia Mierzalosc Borzoi male
Blanda Aiton Mierzalosc Borzoi female
Borego Mierzalosc BorzoiYard Stepowy Goniec
Bohun ze Sfory Carycy
Kaznan Hagor
Rona Heisfalor
Ursa Maior Stepowy Goniec
Rakenlov Beliy Baritsnik
Bieriozka Duma Bojarow
Wonna Wiosna Stepowy Goniec
Rakenlov Beliy Baritsnik
Japejukan Kulkuri
Margiitan Quin Quick Step
Bieriozka Duma Bojarow
Bojar Nesson
Cyrla Stepowy Goniec