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COI calculation for "Valinor's GL Lightning Strikes" (10 generations)

A few simple steps:

1. Install FSpeed - Fast Inbreeding Computation Software - Windows program for rapidly computing the inbreeding of all individuals in a breeding population. Free version available.

* FSpeed is not compatible with Windows 7.
To work with FSpeed under Windows 7: Right click on the FSpeed icon, select 'Properties'. In the Compatibility tab select 'Windows XP (Service Pack X)'

2. Copy the data below and paste this in any Notepad program (For example 'Windows Notepad' or Notepad++) and save your file with the extension .txt

3. Open your .txt file in FSpeed (File/Open). Make sure G# equals 10 (upper left corner)

4. In FSpeed look for the dog named 'Valinor's GL Lightning Strikes'. In column F% you can find the Inbreeding Coefficient.